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  • New contemporary design.
  • Square and diamond hanging mounts.
  • Combination of natural timber and Clayplas.
  • The outer shell of the Urban Bee Nester is made from Clayplas+ which is a composite material of clay and recycled plastics. This material is very durable and also has great environmental credentials due to the recycled element. Each outer shell has dual keyhole hanging points to allow the bird feeder to be hung square on or as a diamond depending on preference.
  • The inner cassette of the bee nester is removable and is made from natural FSC timber and drilled canes. The selected canes and the holes are the optimum size for solitary bees but other insects may overwinter in the cassette. Solitary bees are fantastic for flower and garden pollination and have a fascinating life cycle which you can observe by installing this bee nester - additionally they are non-swarming and rarely sting unless seriously provoked.
  • Ideally this nester should be hung in warm sunny position, facing South / South East is perfect and at a height of between 0.75m and 1.5m above ground.

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