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  • Safe stepped profile allows access to water at all levels.
  • Perfect bee water drinker along with other insects.
  • Effective bird bath for birds of all sizes


Our Stepped Wildlife Water Drinker is the perfect drinking station for birds, bees & all wildlife. It also makes an attractive feature in any garden border or patio.


The clever theatre step design provides safe drinking not just for birds but other pollinators including bees, insects and small mammals whatever the water level. Bees and other wildlife can land and takes sips from the shallow edges of pool. The bath comes with a short base section which raises it around 10cm above ground level. It is carefully crafted to look like stone and the inscription around the rim adds to its attractiveness. It looks great and does wonders for wildlife. Every garden should have one.


The Stepped Wildlife Water Drinker is made from a composite material called Clayplas. It offers many benefits as it looks like stone but is but lighter and stronger.


Bees, butterflies, insects small mammals and birds all need to drink daily, so please remember to keep it topped up with fresh water regularly and give it a good clean to prevent algae build up or contamination.

Stepped Wildlife Water Drinker And Bird Bath