• These Premium Suet Fatballs have a higher tallow content for a softer consistency.
  • Attracts a wide variety of birds to your garden.
  • Year round bird pleaser.
  • Premium Suet Fatballs are the ever reliable, all year bird pleaser. Our special recipe fat balls are softer and therefore easier for birds to manage and are made from the finest animal and vegetable fats with added sunflower and mixed seeds.
  • Premium fatballs have a far higher fat content (the key ingredient) than many fatballs found in the shops and as such, a softer texture. During warm weather, or under pressure (in transit) premium fatballs may distort in shape but this is a positive result of the high quality of the product.


Please Note: Wildlife fat balls are supplied net free. Fatballs are commonly supplied in green plastic netting but some of our customers reported incidents where nets trapped birds' feet causing injury. We have since discontinued 'netted' fatballs in favour of net free because these are safer for birds.

Premium Fatballs x 40

SKU: HWx40-AK-T-FB-150

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