Luxury Natural Wood Hedgehog Bunker Home

  • Provides a safe habitat for hedgehogs in the garden. Suitable for hibernation, breeding and summer shelter.
  • Made from solid FSC certified timber with screwed construction technique which gives strength and longevity ensuring the habitat can with stand crushing or strimming.
  • Domed roof is double skinned for insulation and weather protection.
  • The raised timber floor keeps damp out.
  • A specially sized entrance porch allows the hedgehog in but deters predators.
  • Hinged door at the rear for annual cleaning or inspection of sick or rescued hedgehogs.
  • Clean if unoccupied after winter use. (Late-March to Early April)



  • Locate within cover out of the prevailing wind. Pile leaves or foliage around the house to further camouflage it. Place cut short lengths of dry grass or leaves inside as nesting material



  • Made of slow seasoned durable timber which requires no varnishes or stains.


Weight: 5.38 kg

Dimensions: 43 × 38.5 × 19.5 cm

Luxury Natural Wood Hedgehog Bunker Home



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    It is important to note that the photos you see of hedgehogs on this website are taken while a hedgehog is in rehabilitation and DO NOT reflect the natural habit of a wild hedgehog. They are nocturnal.

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