• Tasty seed and nut based snack with added calcium supplement for your hedgehogs.
  • Packed full of nutritious ingredients.
  • Less attractive to visiting cats.
  • Composition (100g): 575kcal, Oil 36.5%.
  • Wheat Free.
  • Zero Fillers.
  • Non Germinating Mix


  • Our Hedgehog Muesli is a delicious blend of, sunflower hearts, peanut granules, pinhead oats, micronised flaked oats, dried calci-worms, brewer's yeast & fruit essence. This seed and nut mix is fortified with soluble and insoluble calcium to aid bone growth and digestion. Ideal as a tasty supplementary food for your hedgehog visitors.
  • It is suitable for young and old animals alike and will draw your prickly friends from far and wide to your feeding station.
  • A particular advantage of the Hedgehog Muesli is that it is much less attractive to cats and can therefore be left out overnight.
  • Not to be fed as a complete diet. If you are looking for a complete nutritionally balanced food for your hedgehogs we would always recommend the Hedgehog Food.

Hedgehog Muesli - Per kg - Hedgehog Snack


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