• Raisin free, pet safe mix.
  • Contains sunflower hearts, peanut granules and insect suet pellets.
  • Won't grow or germinate when scattered on the ground.
  • Attracts song birds; including robins, blackbirds, wrens, thrushes and more.


Composition (100g): 500kcal, Oil 35%

Wheat Free - Zero Fillers - Pet Safe - No Grow


  • Our Ground and Table Mix is a high quality bird food mix blended specifically for ground feeding birds. It is raisin free to ensure no harm will come to pets in your garden. It will attract an abundance of birds whether used scattered on the ground, in ground feeders and used on bird tables.
  • Comprising a mixture of high oil sunflower hearts, peanut granules, cut and micronised oats and lashings of suet titbits infused with insects, to be gratefully consumed by a wide range of song birds including robins, blackbirds, dunnocks, wrens and thrushes to name a few.

Ground and Table Mix - Per kg - Bird Ground Feeding Songbird Mix


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