Full of energy & protein, clean and easy to handle.

Birds love them!

Use sparingly for hedgehogs.


Composition (100g): Crude Protein 60%, Oil 24%


Now you can provide your birds and hedgehogs with a food very close to that which they would find in the wild, without the inconvenience of keeping live food. Freeze-dried mealworms retain all the energy and protein of live food locked in for extended shelf life. Feed in the springtime for fledglings and throughout the year to keep all insect eating birds and animals fit and healthy.


If you are putting the mealworms out for hedgehogs, please only use sparingly as a supplementary treat. We would always recommend using a complete, nutritionally balanced food such as our Hedgehog Food to provide what the hedgehogs require.


Dried mealworms can be fed on their own or soaked overnight to increase the moisture content.

Freeze Dried Mealworms - Per kg


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