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  • Squirrels sit on the platform and lift the lid to retrieve the nuts.
  • Made from durable natural timber.
  • Great fun to watch and also helps keep squirrels off the bird feeder.
  • A Squirrel Feeder placed in a quiet spot in the garden can discourage squirrels from raiding the birds' feeders. Squirrels can be fun to watch especially when they're not chasing birds away or damaging trees and buds.
  • Our Squirrel Feeder is made with heavy duty timber and has a flip top lid that keeps food dry until the squirrel lifts the lid to access the food. This sturdy Squirrel Feeder is made from durable Cedar/Larch/Oak from mixed FSC managed timber. The generous hopper can be filled with peanuts or our dedicated squirrel mixes.

Flip Top Heavy Duty - Squirrel Feeder