• High quality ingredients.
  • Bird food that allows you to be generous.
  • A mix of seeds designed to attract more birds to your garden.


Composition (100g): 450kcal, Oil 14.5%


  • Bird Food comes in many forms but little compares to this our year round favourite that will keep your birds happy and healthy.
  • Packed with the seeds birds prefer, you know every morsel will be eaten. They will enjoy it because it tastes great and it does them good. With no fillers, every seed is packed with energy and oil to keep birds in tip top condition. Blends of seed provides a balance of nutrition to help provide health and vitality and keep the birds coming back for more every day.
  • Best served on the bird table, Classic Wild Bird Food may also be used in tube feeders and ground feeders.

Classic Wild Bird Food - Per kg - Bird Table Seed Mix


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