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It started in 1981, Helping our Hedgehogs 40 years later!

An exciting day today for local hedgehogs in Wheathampstead.

It was 40 years ago when I saw a TV program on the BBC about helping our hedgehogs. After watching the show as a child in the 1980's I decided to take some positive action and fumble my way round our garden looking for things I could to make it hedgehog friendly.

Now 40 years on... A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of our local Bim Afolami MP visit Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary, and today I had a lovely meeting with Wheathampstead Parish Council discussing ways to help the hedgehogs within the entire Parish.

Can you believe it, after all those years I'm running a Charity to help local hedgehogs like I wanted to as a child, and not only that I will soon be watching the very same hedgehogs I helped to rehabilitate on the BBC!



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