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3rd Harpenden Scouts Group Create Hedgehog Garden At Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

A huge thank you to all the Scouts and the leaders from the 3rd Harpenden Scout group ( for making the hedgehogs a brand new hedgehog garden!

Hedgehog Garden

The Scout group came up to the sanctuary one evening this week and instantly got to work! They split in to groups with the leaders giving them direction and created an amazing hedgehog garden.

3rd Harpenden Scouts Group
3rd Harpenden Scouts Group

The tasks the Scout group completed include:

- Moved a large pile of old logs that where stacked up in another pen in to the new Hedgehog Garden pen and created six smaller piles of logs dotted around the outskirts of the new Hedgehog Garden.

- Searched through the woods at Hornbeam Wood and found dead, fallen branches then brought them in to the Hedgehog Garden and created a lovely outlined path.

- Wheel burrowed a pile of chippings (thank you from just outside the new Hedgehog Garden and spread them along the new path.

- Dug two holes in the ground, placed two small ponds, put in a few piles of old slates (so hedgehogs can get out of the ponds easily), and filled with water.

Two Small Ponds (soon to be filled with pond plants and fogspawn)
Two Small Ponds (soon to be filled with pond plants and fogspawn)

- Searched for medium sized twigs on the ground around Hornbeam Wood and placed them in to small piles inside the new Hedgehog Garden.

- Moved a stack of pallets in to the new Hedgehog Garden and placed them on top of each other to create a new Insect Hotel! Then filled the stacked pallets with twigs, old slates with mud between them, and small logs with bee sized holes drilled in to them.

Giant Insect Hotel
Giant Insect Hotel

This amazing new Hedgehog Garden which houses some of the rehabilitation hedgehog hutches and pens will also in the future be a home for pre-soft release hedgehogs to ensure they are foraging and carrying out normal habits before being released back in to the wild.

The hedgehogs are so pleased with their new garden and we are so grateful for the lovely garden the 3rd Harpenden Scout group has created :D I just need to get planting with fruit trees and wildflowers now!



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